The vineyards of the Johannishof winery comprise of 20 hectares in the districts of Winkel, Johannisberg, Geisenheim and Rüdesheim. Vineyards are planted with 99% Riesling grapes and 1% “white Burgundy” and are cultivated according to modern standards. The wide flavor-palette of Riesling wines is facilitated by the variety of ground conditions available and development of the wines to full maturity of flavor. Value is placed on achieving a distinctive Riesling character. Gentle and individual treatment of the wine allows the aromas and flavors specific for each year to come into their own. The cool, humid hill-side cellar guarantees optimal maturation and storage conditions.


The wide spectrum of soil structures featured in the different Johannishof vineyards impart specific features to the respective Rieslings. The Winkel vineyards are composed of deep calciferous loess, yielding elegant wines with subtle fruit-acidity interplay. The Johannisberg vineyards, the source of our Spätlese wines, are characterized by quartzite-weathered soils with deep and partially gravelly loess and loess-loam. The resulting wines present with a distinctive and lightly mineral Riesling character. Somewhat further to the west lie the slate-covered Taunus-quartzite soils of the famous Rüdesheimer hills. Thanks to the favorable, sun-drenched microclimate close to the Rhine, the resulting wines exhibit maturity coupled with a delicate fruity acidity, balance and harmony.