Estate Description

Johannes and Sabine Eser have been the 10th generation of the Johannishof winery since 1999. The wide flavor-palette of Riesling wines is facilitated by the variable nature of the ground conditions and development of the wine to full maturity of flavor.Our VDP estate wines serve as an introduction to the quality hierarchy of our winery. The dry VDP “Erste Lage” Rieslings originate from the first class vineyards in Johannisberg and Rüdesheim. The selection is complemented by the semi-dry or “feinherb” Rieslings, wines with a subtle sweetness, and the famous Rheingau Charta wines.The pinnacle of the VDP classification pyramid is represented by the Rieslings from our biggest vineyards. Our VDP “Großen Gewächse”from Rüdesheim Berg Rottland and Johannisberg Hölle are dry, one of a kind wines, reflecting their perfect Riesling character. The classic noble sweet wines which are produced using fully ripe berries, raisins or noble rot grapes also originate from these larger vineyards.